We are Fire & Iron Men who love to ride and there’s nothing more important than brothers by our side . We are Fire & Iron. Standing side by side. We trust in one another and that’s how we ride . We would sacrifice our life because Fire & Iron never dies , we keep riding along in that chapter in the sky . Watching over brothers watching from above , watching over brothers the ones we truly loved . I’d give my life for each and every single one. We are Fire & Iron brothers and we won’t run . We are Fire & Iron. We knew just where to start . We took a look inside ourselves and found this in our hearts . For if it isn’t in you , you shouldn’t even try because you’ll never make a brother standing by our side . We are Fire & Iron, There are no others like us, we are more than just some men . We are firefighters with the outside looking in . All Fire & Iron brothers all through out the nation . Give Fire & Iron brothers love with no hesitation . Love , Loyalty, and Respect ! JC




2019 Ride For Hope

Ok folks we are starting to take recipients for the 2019 benefit. Click below and submit those that you know could use a little hope! Ride for Hope Submissions


We are a week out and very excited to see everyone! Remember Pre-Party next Friday at the Blind Pig Sports Lounge and we have rooms discounted at the Quality Inn & Suites Salina. We have lots of cool donations and some amazing custom pieces for this year’s auction, so come party like rock-stars and help us raise some …

Ride for Hope Submissions

The Ride for Hope was started in 2009 to help community members struggling with cancer and other life altering diseases. Each year the Ride for Hope raises funds and hope for one local recipient, along with a portion of the funds going to Tammy Walker Cancer Center to help hundreds of Kansas residents. The Ride for Hope consists of a 100+ mile benefit ride that winds through the Kansas country side stopping in small towns at some of our favorite destinations. Once we return to Salina we host a charity auction along with drawings for several prizes that have been donated by local and national businesses to help us raise money for the recipient and Tammy Walker Cancer Center. It is a great time of fellowship with fellow riders and local supporters. We have many participants that show up every year from the local community and the surrounding states.

If you know someone that you feel would make a good recipient please fill out the form below, make sure to give us as much information as possible.


If you have any questions, want to pass on a ride, or just get in touch with someone shoot us an email using the form below and someone will be in touch shortly